About Us

Chubby Duffy and friends


Chubby Duffy was started in 2017 as a passion project by Alvin and Grace, the co-founders of Amazing Goose Studio (202003196384 (KT0472380-V)). Founded in 2020, Amazing Goose Studio is a Malaysia-based company aspiring to spread positivity to the world through loveable characters.

Duffy, who happens to be chubby, is a fictional character that is well-loved by 2 important people – his mum and dad. Duffy made his first appearance in Instagram on October 2017. Since then, the world of Chubby Duffy has gotten merrier with a growing cast of characters to add colours to his world. Friends make the world go round!

On a bad day or when times are tough, remember that Chubby Duffy and his friends are here to warm your hearts.